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Two Level Loft The Latvian National Museum of Art Baznīcas street house Liepaja Liqueur Factory Phase I House at Pūrciems Riga Yeast Factory Phase II Glāžšķūnis The New Riga Theatre Beer Brewery in Ventspils Renovation of a Family House in Mežaparks Parents' House of Children's Clinical University Hospital Žanis Lipke Memorial Museum Ksenia's house Anrijs' house Factory Restaurant Līga's house Workers' Barracks Book shop GLOBUSS Scale Model of Art Centre ZUZEUM Briāna street house The Hotel Bergs Gatis' house Villa Lene Philosopher's house Office building CLOUD Restaurant “Pump Station” Laube's house Riga Design and Art School Gailis' house Wooden House International School Vacation Home on Chinese house Gallery Garage Phase II Demo apartments Australian's house The New Riga Theatre reconstruction project Balasta dambis 68a Fauntain Rumene Manor Aldaru street 10 The Bergs Bazaar Collector's House Chicory Factory