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Purciems is a traditional fishermen's village characteristic to Kurzeme region with its structure made by small wooden buildings. Fishermen's houses are located along the sea shore behind the sand-dune belt, the villages are connected by a winding road. “Skroderi” estate is located directly behind the second sand-dune rampart and through the pine woods over the dune lowland there opens a view to the sea. The access road to the site is located at the back of the plot. More…

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Holiday house with a household building

The village of Purciems in Roja municipality of Talsi District

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Ineta Solzemniece-Saleniece

Private client

Project: 2009

Construction: 2010 – 2011

Plot of land: 3600 sq.m.

Total space of the holiday house: 404 sq.m.,

including decks and terraces – 204 sq.m.

Total space of the household building: 109 sq.m.,

including terrace – 16 sq.m.