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The project proposes to introduce extension to the museum – a green Kube hill – within the Horsemen lane of the Esplanade park. The new volume is an independent building connected to the museum by an underground tunnel. The green field composes the central square of the park conforming to the original plan by the park architect G. Kuphaldt. The project proposes to eradicate the chaotic path network and plantation sections in the park and replace these with lawn. Esplanade garden for children is made at the foot of Kube hill. Kube hill slopes contain built-in overhead lighting, windows and concrete terraces. More…

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Proposal for reconstruction and restauration of the Latvian National Museum of Art

Competition project

Riga, Kr.Valdemara str. 10a

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Ingmārs Atavs, Zane Dzintara, Agnese Sirmā, Ineta Solzemniece-Saleniece




Participated: Kaspars Bondars, Māris Brakovskis,

Anna Ernstsone, Māris Gailis, Ilgvars Karlaps,

Uldis Pelīte, Maija Putniņa, Atis Sirmais, Ansis Starks, Maija Strazdiņa, Andra Šulca, Liene Zemīte,

Zane Žeivate

Consultants: Varis Bokalders, Vilnis Puļķis

Project: 2010