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A home for a book, a room for a book...

Maybe this became our most spiritual project. At a certain point it came to our minds to write on the walls above the book shelves quotations stated by thinkers of different times and nationalities about books, reading and knowlegde. Process of collecting the quotations turned into obsession and we received them from philologists from different countries. The quotations literally inspired the construction process and determined the image of the rooms and we were alsolutely convinced that books are eternal value. People will always seek knowlegle by reading books. Different times and places are joined by a word, by a thought. Because – in the beginning there was the Word.



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Interior design

Riga, Vaļņu street 26

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Iveta Cibule

Client: “Aisma” Ltd.

General contractor: “Būvnams” Ltd.

Project: 2000

Construction: 2000

Total area: 509 sq.m.