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This Classical style building dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Over the last hundred years the house has been rebuilt several times – the first reconstruction project being carried out in 1929 when the house was converted into a hospital. There are several elaborate details still present from that time and are meant to be restored during the renovation process. The classical silhouette of the building was destroyed in 1978 when new additions to the upper floor were introduced.

The renovation project converts the building into Design cluster for design students with spacious auditoriums and workrooms. A new glass gallery is added at the back of the house which provides access to all rooms and ensures smooth flow of people.


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Kalpaka Street 4, Kuldiga
Zaiga Gaile, Maija Putniņa Gaile, Dāvis Gasuls,

Sintija Norberte, Zane Dzintara

Client: Kuldiga Municipality

2015 - in progress