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Aim of this project is to create a new cultural space in Riga – ZUZEUM – to exhibit the private collection of art collectors’ Dina and Jānis Zuzāni. The collectors’ family owns the largest private Latvian art collection and would like to share it with public. The new Centre will have a spacious hall for permanent art exposition as well as facilities for temporary shows, performances and all sorts of cultural events. The family stresses openness as a core value for the new Centre seeing it as a platform for the visitors to study and practise.


The family spent several years searching for the right place for the Art Centre. From the very beginning it was clear that the right choice would be some abandoned factory in the city centre. Finally the former Cork factory at Lacplesa Street 99 was chosen. The site is located within the former industrial area, close to the historical city centre, next to the railroad and Central Station and is protected by Riga Historical Centre and UNESCO regulations. The renovation project will convert the whole 7000 sq.m. site into the new ART CENTRE. The project consists of two parts – conversion of the existing buildings and designing of a new art depository annexe. The whole composition is complemented with equally prominent garden.


Gallery / Map

Art Centre ZUZEUM

Conversion of the former Cork factory

Lāčplēša Street 101, Rīga

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Dāvis Gasuls, Maija Putniņa Gaile, Sintija Norberte

Project: 2016 - 



Plot area – 6896m2
Depository – for 5000 items
Two museum halls – 800m2 
Two temporary exhibition halls – 350m2
Universal hall – for 400 seats 
Restaurant with a bar on the roof terrace
Museum garden
Underground parking