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The family house was built in 1939 by architect Visvaldis Paegle and is located within protected historical urban district.


The house is situated in the middle of a vast green area dominated by pine trees. Behind the plastered brick façade there is a wooden structure building. The design might be defined as traditional functionalist project featuring eclectic details. The interiors have been altered several times since their original design, but some of the historical wooden wall panels, wooden ceiling, wooden arch and parquet have survived. The original layout has also been altered and the house which historically was built for a single family has been divided in two apartments with separate entrances.


The aim of the renovation project is to preserve the historical character and feeling of the house, to restore the original layout and details.



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Renovation of a Family House

Riga, Emīla Dārziņa Str. 11

Client: private

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Hilda Treija

Project: 2017 -