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The Wooden House is the oldest building in the Bergs Bazaar, built between the 1840 and 1884. K. Bergs started to build masonry buildings around the Wooden House already then planning to demolish the Wooden House one day. The ground floor of the building was occupied by three shops, the top floor contained two apartments. During the 1930s the ground floor housed a carpenter's shop. More…

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Renovation of a wooden building

Riga, the Bergs Bazaar, Marijas street 13/4

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Iveta Cibule, Liene Griezīte

Restoration: Māris Līdaka

Paintings: Ieva Iltnere

Client: Justs Karlsons


Construction company: „PKE” Ltd.

Project: 1997-1998

Construction: 1998-2000

Total space: 535.6 sq.m., including office space: 352,6 sq.m., shop: 183 sq.m.

Construction site: 226 sq.m.