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The former gardener's house was located within the territory of Embassy of the People's Republic of China at Ganību dambis 7 and was intended to be demolished. We were informed about this monument of wooden architecture and received an offer to dismantle the house and relocate it in Ķīpsala. A solemn donation ceremony was organised at the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China and the little house was named Chinese house. More…

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Reconstruction project of a relocated wooden house

Riga, Ķīpsala, Ogļu str. 4

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Ingmārs Atavs, Iveta Cibule,

Andra Šmite

Participated: Pēteris Blūms, Ieva Vanaga

Client: “PMT INVEST” Ltd.

Project: 2004 – 2010

Area: 147 sq.m.