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Gypsum factory renovation Phase II is a logical follow-up to the Phase I. The aim of the project was to complete the architectural ensemble of the former Gypsum factory. The project proposes to renovate the existing valuable buildings and to introduce within the scenery of the riverside and within the context of the factory ensemble significant new architectural volume. Gypsum factory ensemble manifests rehabilitation and humanisation of industrial brick architecture. The loft principle is encoded both within the common composition of the ensemble and within the structure of separate residential units. It can be recognised as a search for a new generation versions of living spaces. More…

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Conversion of industrial ensemble into residential complex with 62 apartments, underground parking space and two courtyards

Riga, Ķīpsala, Balasta dambis 72

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Liene Griezīte, Iveta Cibule, 

David Moed, Ingmārs Atavs, Agnese Sirmā, Zane Dzintara, Ineta Solzemniece- Saleniece, Dāvis Gasuls

Participated: Andra Šmite, Māris Līdaka, Liene Zemīte, Gints Lūsis-Grīnbergs

Client: “Domuss” Ltd.

Project: 2004 - 2013

Construction: 2006 - 2013

Total space of the site: 5022 sq.m.

Construction site: 3256 sq.m.

Number of apartments: 62

Total space of the apartments: 7807sq.m.

Basement: 4300 sq.m.

Underground parking for 80 cars