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The Collector’s House on Ķīpsala joins two lots with their historic dwellings, maintaining the character of the individual buildings, which are from two very different eras. The wooden house at Balasta dambis 44 is a neoclassical log house that appears on the map in 1885, the building thus being older. The neighboring dwelling at Balasta dambis 42 is a stone building in the functionalist style, designed by the architect Ansis Kalniņš and constructed in 1936.

The concept for reconstruction is to unite what seemingly cannot be united – to bridge two centuries by connecting these houses in a single ensemble with a one-story addition. The new structure, between and behind the two existing buildings and stretching into the garden among the stately trees, speaks in the architectural language of the 21st century, bringing modern technologies and building methods to bear on these older edifices. This unique project respects the differences between the two buildings but tries to bring the transcendent dialogue between them into focus. The project reflects the approach of the house’s proprietors – they are collectors not only of objets d’art and paintings but also of historic architectural styles. 


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Reconstruction of two historical buildings with new addition

Riga, Ķīpsala, Balasta dambis 42/44

Client: Private

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, Ineta Solzemniece – Saleniece, 

Zane Dzintara, Maija Putniņa – Gaile                                          

Project: 2013 – 2015

Construction: 2013 – 2015

Plot of land: 4095 m2

Area of the house: 1575 m2