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Ensemble of Liepaja Liqueur Factory, which during the last 50 years has been known as Liepaja Shoe Factory, could be recognised as a significant monument of the industrial heritage of the 19th century which should be renovated and used for public function. The ensemble is located in the centre of Liepaja and is an integral part of the territory of Old port promenade. More…

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Renovation proposal for a business centre

Liepaja, Bāriņu str. 1,1a

Architects: Zaiga Gaile, David Moed,

Ineta Solzemniece - Saleniece

Client: Joint-stock company „MĒS LIEPĀJAI”

Project: 2006

Lot: 6 164 sq.m.

Total space to be constructed: 14 840 sq.m.